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the best picture to ever exist. your argument is iNVALID


the best picture to ever exist. your argument is iNVALID


Sam at least got to experience a support system and friendship group outside of his dad and brother when he went to college. Dean, however, never had that opportunity, and I think that’s part of why Dean’s friendship with Castiel has always been so compelling to me. It’s true that Jensen Ackles could probably have on-screen chemistry with a potted plant, but he really brings his A-game when playing scenes with Collins … in a different, but equally compelling way from his effortless rhythm with Padalecki, since Dean and Cas have such an odd, symbiotic relationship that has helped them both evolve and rediscover their faith over the past few seasons.

- Laura Prudom, Huffington Post

Supernatural Season Six Gag Reel: Part One 

I think Castiel did redeem himself. I mean, we say this all the time, but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions… and he really was trying to do the right thing. If that was his downfall, at least he was trying to do the right thing, you know? And he did redeem himself. Obviously there was still a lot of damage caused, with the Leviathans that we still have to try and [deal with]. But we never would have had the chance to see him doing the right thing, see him redeem himself, unless he hadn’t saved us so many times in the past. So it’s like pot calling the kettle black if we get too mad at him. We started the Apocalypse and everything else — we’ve messed up quite a bit and he’s saved our tushes a few times, so now it’s our turn to clean up his mess."

Jared Padalecki (Supernatural Magazine, April 2012)

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Jared. You are amazing.

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After long consideration, I have finally determined what species Jared Padalecki belongs to. He’s a Cockamoose.

Half moose.

Half cock.

Because his penis is just that big.